Deposit and Payment

  • A $55 non-refundable registration fee is due at time of registration. 
  • A tuition deposit equivalent to one week's tuition is due at time of registration.
  • CLICK HERE to access required enrollment paperwork, which must be filled out before first day of care.
  • Tuition is due on the first day of service each week.
  • Payments may be made by cash, check, ACH (automatic withdrawal), or credit card (additional fees apply).
  • Full payment is required each week regardless of sickness, absences, weather, or closings due to holidays. This includes Winter Break, Spring Break, and the summer months.

Infants and Toddlers

Our infants and toddlers are broken into three groups, which we call Infant 1 (6 weeks to roughly 10 months), Infant 2 (roughly 10-15 months), and Toddlers (about 15 months until 2 years old). The staff-to-child ratio in each of these classrooms is 1:3. Children thrive in our loving, positive environment designed to meet their basic needs as they grow and reach important milestones. We read to the children, take them outside to enjoy nature and fresh air, do age-appropriate art, listen to music, sing songs, and play. As they grow, they are introduced to the concepts of sharing and interacting with their peers, eating and drinking independently, and following simple directions. From your first day here at KidZone, you and your child become part of our family, and we value the role you have chosen for us to play in your child's life. 

Cost -  $347.00 per week


Our 2-year-old program, with a staff-to-child ratio of 1:6, offers children the opportunity to learn and grow independently and with their peers. Walk past the Twos room at any point in the day and you will see excited children painting, dancing, listening to stories, playing in centers, singing songs, learning colors and letters, and counting anything and everything as 2-year old children love to do. The dedicated teachers take the skills and concepts that were introduced in the Infant and Toddler classes and expand on them, while building a foundation for the move to Pre-K 3. 

Cost - $261 per week

Part-time (3 full days) - $215 per week

Pre-K 3

3-year-olds are developing socially and emotionally, as well as starting to learn letters, letter sounds, and numbers. Fun learning activities and art projects are based on weekly themes and designed to help the children further develop their fine motor skills. The staff-to-child ratio in the Threes room is 1:10

Cost - $238 per week ($261 if not potty-trained)

Part-time (3 full days) - $202 per week ($215 if not potty-trained)

Pre-K 4

Our Pre-K 4 program is designed to prepare children for their Kindergarten experience. The day is more structured, and the learning activities and art projects are more focused on beginning reading, writing, and math skills. Children are encouraged to become independent thinkers as they draw upon their own experiences to enhance their development. The staff-to-child ratio in the Fours is 1:10. Children in Pre-K 4 should be potty-trained. Price may vary if not. 

Cost - $238 per week

Part-time (3 full days) - $202 per week